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We at the Hinks Bull Terrier Club have been searching for years to help

find are stock to breed better dogs from, From fit and athletic Bull and Terriers

we have found to have been being breed at

Thunderrock Kennel to Battle crosses.

We have come across and good working type Bull Terriers.We have

now got enough stock to commence our own

breeding program from next year onwards.



Busby's Belle

Cross fit Bull and Terrier/Old Tyme Stafford



 Whatmore's Rose 


Breeding in limited numbers to dogs and bitches that pass our strict health,

fitness and temperament tests. With a strong team dedicated to helping to

turn back the clock on our beloved sporting Bull and terrier breed.

Kavanagh's Sid
 Portesous's Dieezul
From Old Working Type Line's
At Stud To Club Members Only

We like are dogs to be built on a more

sporting line, like the dogs from the mid to late

1800's all the way through to the 1930's and 1950's

sporting british showring style.

We will be producing sporting Bull Terriers

with head and body types like the dogs of old.

Plus making sure that we go on keeping the sporting temperaments

to match the likes of these dogs depicted on the old

photographs and prints within this website.



Richards Snow 


A good sporting specimen 


 Ch. White Wonder 1894 


Ch. Cylva Belle


A marvelous specimen


outstanding kennels

 Mid 1920's
Bloomsbury King
Bred and owned by Mr H. E. Monk
born 1898
 Brendon Dragon
One of Mrs G. M. Adlams early brindle dogs,
He won the lady Winifred challenge cup for the
best coloured Bull Terrier at Crufts in 1934
Ch Romany Rhinestone
  Whatmore's Rose
Portesous's Dieezul
CH Bloomsbury Burge
 Portesous's Dieezul
Busby's Belle
Smedley Model
  Busby's Belle  
Ch Lady Winifred
Kavanagh's Sid 
All of our breeding stock that we have carefully chosen are maturing 
 to the high standard that we was looking for to progress from 
with our own breeding program of in and out cross with ore own LINES.

Richards Snow 
A good Bull Terrier
from around 1900
Kavanagh's Sid                             Kavanagh's Bill
                           Kavanagh's Sid                            Whatmore's Rose
Whatmore's Rose
  Kavanagh's Sid 
 Portesous's Dieezul
Bloomsbury Young King
 Early 1900s
  Busby's Belle  
Richards Snow 
 Other bull terrier breeds and working type EBT lines will still
be used like the right type off old tyme
stafford crosses in this breeding program but the percentage is low,
as low as 10% in some dogs,
and never more than 25%, the gene pool will never
be locked on these
dogs as it is in pure breeds, thus no bottle necks due to
inbreeding and no
closed gene pools will occur as it all too
often does in pure bred dogs,
there will be no inbreeding depression,
leading to small litters and lower
immune systems, or a higher frequency of genetic faults either. 


back in there home city of Birmingham we hope that

James Hinks and his Family would be proud of this clubs

Aims and Goals.

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