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The origins of the bull terriers can trace their heritage all of the way

back to the hard life and times of the big industrial towns, cities and ports

at the beginning of the nineteenth century, with the 

industrial revolution and people migrating from the

neighboring country villages looking for work

and with the growing population and popularity in the

dog fighting pits and the demands for pit dogs

of various types.Different types of game terriers were crossed

with the the lighter types of bull

dogs of the day to produce the pit bull and terriers

in a variety of weights, colours and sizes.      


The bull dogs of a hundred years ago

had to be lightning fast, remarkably agile and physically

sound and were quite unlike the

sad exaggeration offered as a bull dog in today's show rings.


Col David Hancock




The New Type Of Bull And Terriers


These type of dogs were not for showing, they had a hard job to do

and if they did not win, they did not live; as

simple as that. Not bred for colours

nor for their looks just for the pit the smaller ones that had been put back to

the game terriers for the rat pit and the bigger  

bull and terrier's were more likely to be

pitted against each other or other adversaries

ranging from monkeys and badgers to men, to name just a few of

the beasts and brutes that the pit bull terriers had to test their game hearts against. 


A Rat PIT 


No breed of dog boasts the strange blood-soaked

ancestry as does the bull terrier.

Its very history, written as it in agony and gore,

is macabre, bizarre and yet so totally captivating

that it is impossible to own a bull terrier of any

sort without absorbing at least some of the

curious ethos that surrounds the type.   


D. Brian Plummer 


In 1835 this barbaric sport along with Bull Baiting

and the other sickening blood sports were banned; however,

dog fighting still had its loyal followers

and strong holds with pit contests were still being held on a weekly basis

up and down this industrial land, with large sums of money being betted on

the competing contestants. Champion dogs were sent to  

neighboring towns’ pits to test their pit bulls’ worth

against their neighboring lines of pit dogs and beast.

                                      Top dogs were imported and exported

from the UK and Ireland and to the USA and, as time went on, different

breeding programs of fixed pit lines {Heighs, Weights And

Colours}were starting to appear all over the UK,

Ireland and the USA.     


 Jack Sutton

 The Irish Murphy Strain


It was not long after this that the first

dogs shows were starting to appear in small halls

and rooms in the big city's and towns.Some coloured and white bull

and terriers were being shown with some success.

But now these bull and terriers breeders

were breeding for colours and looks not the pit. Theses show dog

breeders and exhibitors were not poor people and a

lot of them were educated professionals that

did not wont there show dogs to be associated with the

lower classes roughens pit dogs and

were breeding for show pints, trends and fashions.


A 1877 Dog Show 


The first dog show was held in Newcastle-on-tyne in 1859 no bull terriers

were entered there on that day. Then in 1861 at a show in leeds there was a class

for bull terriers.Two dogs were shown Mr. T

Hustwick's 'Violet 1st and Hustwick's Jessthereis but there

is no record of the size or weight and colours for these dogs and at

a show in Manchester the same year, there

was a class given for bull terriers Mr F. Howard was first,

Mr. S Gregson second, Mr. P Purnister third, Mr Shepherd fourth.

It is a shame that they have not recorded the names

of the dogs or size, weights and colours

  of the competing dogs there that day.



 The Modern Bull Terrier


 Then in 1863 the first London show to have a class

for bull terriers was held at Ashburton Hall.

There was several dogs to be shown there that day and we see the Hinks

name for the first time.Hinks Puss came first and one of

Mr.W West dog come 2d.The name Hinks from

that day on and there is no question of it not being

there before that date to the present

day is sumonous with the show bull terrier breed.


Hinks of Birmingham,


Hinks of Brum,


Found the bull terrier,


a tattered old bum,


Made him the right un,


made him the white un,


Made him the dog for a gentleman's chum,

 S.N. Jewot {California}


 With hinks and his sons and breeders like them

the new modern show bull terrier was being civilized,

moulded for a gentlemanly character and they refined him into

one of the most beautiful and elegant of k9 athletes that ever was.

A true gentlemans companion.

A status symbol for a sporting gent his families ever watchfull guardern

and the childrens most stable and trusted friend

and he was always ready for a days sport at a drop of a hat.

In his modern form he was a model of a

true sporting gentleman's dog showing maximum power

and activity for his size. with no wasted materials or ugly lines about him.



 Gully The Great

Born 1887 Exported To The U.S.A 1890


 Being advertised and sent all over the British Empire and beyond

as a sporting dog and a show dog. Being used as a catch dog

and a big game hunter to a bear baiter and back to a dog fighter.

Being breed back now and then to the old pit bull and terrier type to keep

his spirit and grit alive for his work and he has

been used in a scientific breeding programes.



One Of The Bull Terriers Used By

The Martinez Brothers In There Breeding Program.


He was used by the two Argentine brothers Antonio and Agustin Martinez

amongst other breeds of fighting, hunting and holding dogs used

by them to create there own lines of white big game



One Of The First

 Dogo Argentino's
“We have seen many field trials in

Buenos Aires and La Pampa,

and we have been really impressed with

the courage showed by some puppies

while fighting wild boar,

making discipline and obedience demonstrations,

and attack and defense exhibitions (protection work)”.


Agustín Martínez'

  The working Dogo to day is

still used as it was then to hunt the

wild pigs and pumers of its home land and now all

over the modern world as a hog hunter and a family guard dog.



One Type Of Gull Terr


In India with the British it was breed to the local

Indian mastiffs and Bully Kuttaers and in Pakistan were there is still a type of

Hinks Bull Terrier there today in the from of the Gull Terr's. Were it is still pited

against each other and for bear baiting at the big fairs with

hundreds off spectators just like the old bear and bull baiting fairs of England.



Gull Terr's


 Then to the bull terrier trials both in Germany and Austria

the English working type Bull Terrier was being extensively used

as a police dog. The full training was taking up to and around

the four months and the average age

to commence training a dog was at four to six months.



 One Of Dr.Hauck's Bull Terrier's


 To Irelnd with the new generation of working type Bull and Terrier's that were

being pitted agents and breed with the old type of

Irish Bull And Terrier's and there gamens being tested on Badgers.

From Ireland in the 1960s,70 and 80s to the breeding program

of Philip Craven-Lancaster in the 1980s and 90s to the new

wave of sporting bull terrier's that are coming thought today.



 Champion Stormer

 Irish Battle Crosses


 I think it is safe to say that with the right help and

in put the Hink's old tyme type of Bull Terriers

that are back here with us today will and can be around

for a long time to come.




Whatmore's Rose




back in there home city of Birmingham we hope that

James Hinks and his Family would be proud of this clubs

Aims and Goals.












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